Are you a writer who is looking for ways to become better and get more readership? Well, you are not alone. One of the areas that have been getting a lot of interest from readers is books about business and management. People are looking for ways in which they can become good leaders in whichever area they are in. You should therefore consider venturing into that field if you are a writer. It would help if you also looked for competitions that you can thrive in. 

Benefits of Writing Competitions

Featured image Entering Writing Competitions Benefits of Writing Competitions - Entering Writing Competitions

* Motivates writers: Even the best writers in the world admit that there are moments when they are faced with the dreaded writers’ block. There will be days when writing will feel like such a chore. In those moments, you need something that will nudge you towards continuing to write. Entering a writing competition gives a thrill and encourages you to keep writing. 

* Source of making money: Making money from writing can be difficult, especially when you start. The good news is that there are writing competitions that come with a monetary reward. It can be a good buffer as the writer is trying to get a footing. 

* Networking opportunity: When you enter a writing competition as a business writer, you will be exposed to many people who can boost your writing. Most of those competitions are judged by veterans you can connect with even after the competition has ended. 

How To Win Writing Competition

Featured image Entering Writing Competitions How To Win Writing Competition - Entering Writing Competitions

The first step in winning a writing competition is to make sure that your writing is good. It is as basic as that. Writing contests are always merit-based, so you better have a good book for you to even make it to the shortlist. You should also ensure that you are entering the correct competition. For instance, if you are writing about management and leadership, you should look specifically for a competition in that genre. Do your research well not to waste your time entering a contest that you are not eligible for. Writing competitions always have a checklist of details you must fulfil for you to be considered.

Read through all of them and only start the process once you have established that you qualify. It always helps when you go through samples of previous winners to have a basic idea of what is expected of you. To win a writing competition, you should start the process early enough since most of them always have a strict deadline. If you enter in a hurry, you will make mistakes and not give the competition the keenness required.  The vital thing to note is that you should write passionately. Once your work stands out for being unique, raw and honest, it will become easier for you to win competitions. Do not write for competitions. Write for yourself, and your readers and everything else will fall into place. 

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